Mandela de fleurs

A spiritual approach to the plant


A meditative and artistic day around the plant...

Saturday, March 14, 2022


Buddelia avec vulcain

The method

The practice of meditative plant observation is a relationship building practice. Plants can become our true friends beyond their nutritional and medicinal properties. Not only can we get to know them deeply in all their aspects, but they will know us in the depths of our being if we take the step of opening our hearts. 

The plant can help us enter the world beyond  sense perception.


During this day we will explore different approaches to observation, mediation and artistic practice such as eurythmy and painting.


The program

9 a.m. : Welcome with herbal tea, coffee… presentation of the participants
9:30 : Introduction
10 a.m.: First meditative practice in nature*
10:15 a.m.: Storytelling
10:30 a.m.: Everyone looks for their flower that will accompany them throughout the day
11 a.m.: Presentation: The alchemy between the plant and the human being
12 p.m.: Individual meditation practice
12:30 p.m.: lunch from home is shared
2 p.m. -3 p.m.: Eurythmy exercises with Susanne Peters, trained Eurythmiste**
3 p.m.: Presentation: the metamorphosis of the plant
4 p.m.: Social painting***
4:30 p.m.: Meditative practice
5 p.m.: Round table to share our experiences
6 p.m.: Closing with a small ceremony of gratitude

Times given are approximate. We will take our time for each activity as needed.
Number of participants limited to 6.

*The meditative excercices are several proposals inspired by Anthroposphy for each to do on their own in a quiet corner of the garden. Sharing of experiences can happen afterwards if wished. There are no guided excercises in keeping with the wish to leave people free and autonomous as much as possible.

**Eurythmy is an art of movement that works with the same forces that give plants their shape, colour and growth. The etheric forces (or life forces/form forces). Everything related to rhythm and regularity is in the realm of the etheric. Rhythm carries life. Eurythmy is about (among other things) how this force can be transmitted in movement.

***An excercise to learn to "listen" to others by painting together in harmony creating one piece of work. We will paint on damp paper enabling us to see and experience the flowing nature of color which belongs to the realm of the etheric.

What to bring : lunch, water, comfortable clothes, sun hat, note book

Location: 155 impasse du Castellas, Besseges

Park at the post office, go up the stairs opposite the Hector Mallot nursery school, at the top turn right into a large plane tree courtyard.

Registration through the contact of this site.



A transmission

At 65 years old, after more than twenty years of teaching Waldorf pedagogy and 45 years of meditation and plant observation, I feel ready to pass on my experiences in all simplicity.