Cevennes Wild Plants and More

Hikes, workshops, mini courses, cooking

Discover the wonderful plants of the Cevennes. Enjoy learning about native and introduced plants. The Cevennes region has two climates: an Atlantic climate and a Mediterranean climate. Therefore, there is a very rich and diverse flora to discover.  I propose different formulas adapted to your needs. I will help you discover the plants in our magical garden cultivated for the past ten years in the biodynamic and permaculture methods, during hikes in the forest and in the village. I will guide you in the exploration of edible wild species, wild and cultivated medicinal herbs, aromatics, forest plants, including trees and bushes, garden vegetables and wild and cultivated flowers according to your desires.
I offer different possibilities: two hours, half a day, a full day, a weekend, a week, for adults only, for families with young children... I warmly invite you to explore my site to find what corresponds to your wishes.

Photography by Martina Westover

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